about vanity cap

        Welcome TO VANITY CAP

           For years as an Assistant Director in the film business I have watched high profile and blue collar actors alike smudge their make up or spill on their wardrobe while drinking from water bottles on set. That activity alone has prompted the creation of impromptu straw holding devices such as crudely cut hole in the bottlecaps. Now after two years of trial and error,

            I have created the VANITY CAP.This flower shaped cap grips well and has a hole for a straw, creating an easy , smudge and drip free way to drink. With this invention all vanities on film sets can now be rest assured that there will be no more unfortunate accidents... just a happy and refreshed actor...  In the last two years I realized; they were invented for Hollywood but made for everyone..  please enjoy...

         Beyond the lights, camera, action it has been brought to my attention this product has changed lives in ways I was not aware?

              Did you know that 3000 children died from beverage bottle caps in the US alone last year. As astonishing as it sounds it is true. My product makes the difference and is 100% child safe.. 

                                 DRINK SAFE!!!!


            It is also being used by the Senior community. I donated 600 to the senior center in Garnerville NV. Seniors with Arthritis, strokes and so much more have told me this product helped them be able to enjoy their drinks now!!


              It also makes a difference for those in wheel chairs. I recently worked with 5 wonderful girls in their world and my product made it possible for them to carry and enjoy the beverage with out help or spilling. Keeping the cap on while you enjoy your drink.

                                 DRINK SAFE


                   Thank you so much.

                                      TODD SKAGGS